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      Would you like to go? asked Esmeralda, as she threw the letter across to him.

      Her bosom heaved, and her eyes, dry and burning, gazed vacantly at the sky, now reddening with the setting sun.Two of the morning. Had the leader, the idol of Kincaid's Battery, failed in his endeavor? Anna, on her bed, half disrobed, but sleepless yet, still prayed he might not succeed. Just this one time, oh, Lord! this one time! With Thee are not all things possible? Canst Thou not so order all things that a day or two's delay of Kincaid's Battery need work no evil to the Cause nor any such rending to any heart as must be hers if Kincaid's Battery should go to-night? Softly the stair clock boomed three. She lifted her head and for a full three minutes harkened toward the camp. Still no sound there, thank God! She turned upon her pillow.

      I confessI denynothing! she said. Give me my letter!

      Yes, said Esmeralda. People talk and behave differently to what Ive been used to, and it is strange, at first; but I dare say I shall get used to it. Dont you want to dance? she broke off. Everybody must want to dance who can; dont let me keep you standing here.

      You do her an injustice, Ada, he said. She sets no value on the title or the position. No one could think less of it than she does.


      Whatever you may know, whatever you may guesssay nothing, now nor in the future.



      He stood looking at her, yet scarcely seeing her. He did not know how to break the otherand far worsenews to her.