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      "You are wrong," she cried. "It could not have been so."

      It is never enough to know that any piece of work is commonly constructed in some particular manner, or that a proposition is generally accepted as being correct; a reason should be sought for. Nothing is learned, in the true sense, until the reasons for it are understood, and it is by no means sufficient to know from observation alone that belts are best for high speeds, that gearing is the best means of forming angles in transmitting power, or that gearing consumes more power, and that belts produce less jar and noise; the principles which lie at the bottom must be reached before it can be assumed that the matter is fairly understood.

      "Stand aside," she said furiously, "and let me pass. If it was not for the child and the love she has for you I should dismiss you on the spot. Now go."


      "Perhaps you knew also the culprit," the Countess suggested."No you don't," said Lawrence coolly. "Of course, it would be a very dramatic finish to the night's adventure, but I can't permit it. Go easy."


      "One more question and I have done," said Prout. "Your brother had some one to fear. Now was that some one a man or a woman?"


      But the Countess did not heed. Absolutely worn out in mind and body she had fainted.