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      "Come mighty near bein' too smart fer us!" replied Shorty. "I don't want no more such close shaves in mine. You 'member the story of the spider and the fly, don't ye? Well, she was the spider 'n' we was two poor little fool flies!""Jesso!" said Shorty. "Now, knock off the fust letter o' that word, 'n' see what ye got left!"

      "Would Mr. Dongan have consulted Mr. Riever about his speculations?" asked Pen.

      "Well, tell me what you expect to prove."Si saw the boys around him lightening their knapsacks. He abominated waste above all things, but there seemed no help for it, and, reaching into that receptacle that bore, down upon his aching shoulders like a glacier on a groundhog, he pulled out and tossed into the fence corner the educational works he had anticipated so much benefit from. The bottle of "No. 6" followed, and it seemed as if the knapsack was a ton lighter, but it yet weighed more than any stack of hay on the home farm.

      "'Diculus be blowed!" said Shorty, "The ole man was a'stuffin' ye. I'll tell ye what that is, Si," he added solemnly, "that's a grayback!"V2 houses, goods, and harvests should be destroyed, and their churches despoiled. As soon as the troops were out of sight the inhabitants took down the placard and carried it to Vaudreuil.


      Before midnight the English had made good progress in their redoubts and intrenchments, had brought cannon up the heights to defend them, planted a battery on the C?te Ste.-Genevive, descended into the meadows of the St. Charles, and taken possession of the General Hospital, with its crowds of sick and wounded. Their 305Si already had his blue clothes on. By enlisting early he had a good pick of the various garments, and so got a suit that fitted his formwhich was plump as an apple-dumpling tolerably well. It was left for the tail-enders of the company to draw trousers that were six inches too long or too short, and blouses that either wouldn't reach around, and left yawning chasms in front, or were so large that they looked as if they were hung on bean-poles.


      "But they are only making out their friend to be a murderer!"[248] Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760. This letter is also mentioned in another contemporary document, Mmoire sur les Fraudes commises dans la Colonie.


      [509] Prcis des vnements de la Campagne de 1757 en la Nouvelle France.By John Winslow, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel and Commander of His Majesty's troops at Grand Pr, Mines, River Canard, and places adjacent.