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      This seemed to come strangely from him who had already been talked of as a possible candidate for one of the Miss Crowthers. It would be such a particularly suitable match, Mrs. Baynham, the doctor's wife, had told Isola. What could his lordship look for beyond a fine fortune and a handsome wife?I bowed with a half-smile that seemed to amuse the King. But resuming his usually grave and majestic air, he added

      "Isola's coughing fit has upset me more than it has her," he said; "I'm not fit company for any one, so I think I'll go for a tramp somewhere, and meet you later at dinner, when I've recovered my spirits a little."Her hands lay in her lap. She did not clasp them, but he saw that they trembled.

      Yes, Lady Wyndover, said Mr. Pinchook, with a suspicion of a sigh of relief. We have arrived at last!

      Lady Wyndover almost groaned.


      Ah! Madame lEtiquette, cried Marie Antoinette, laughing, God made patience the virtue of kings.



      Her partner bowed himself off, and the three were left alone.