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      "You counsel wisely, stranger," said the monk, passing round, and standing in the shadow of the tree on the left of Holgrave, whom he forced to retire and crouch like the rest."What dost thou here, monk?" asked De Boteler, sternly, "after my orders that you should never more enter this hall."

      Reuben went to Harry's side, and bent over him.

      "What'll Handshut think it?"

      It was about nine o'clock when they came to Thornsdale, down on the Rother levels; the moon had risen and the marsh was smeethed in white. The air was thick with a strong-scented miasma, and beside the dykes long lines of willows faded into the mist. Here another orgy was started, in grotesque contrast with the pallid sleep of water. The gate that barred the Kent road was torn down, the bonfire prepared, the dance begun.

      Caro flushed with pleasurea light had kindled in her grey life, and she found herself looking forward to days of basking.

      "Maybe I shan't much longer," said Tilly, looking down at her rolling-pin.


      "For what purpose, then?"



      The boys still didn't seem to have much to say, so she continued: